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The FishersNet website is listed in more than 200 search engines globally.

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Advertising and Hosting Options


Banner Advertising on FishersNet: $100 dollars per year.

Your banner will be rotated throughout the FishersNet and CookWildGame website pages using an automated rotation
program that keeps track of the number of times your banner has been displayed and clicked through. These statistics

 will always be available to you.

Web Site Hosting: (Option 1) $25 Setup / $15 per month & includes:

Your site hosted on our web site ""
Your site hosted on our web site ""

1 email account
24 Hour FTP Access
5 Megabytes of storage
Additional storage is $1 per Meg per Month


Web Site Hosting : (Option 2) $35 Setup / $30 per month & includes:

DNS Hosting (
Unix or Windows 2000 Server Option
FrontPage 2002 Compatible
5 Email accounts
24 Hour FTP Access
5 Megabytes of storage
Additional storage is $1 per Meg per Month

Domain Pointing/Parking: $35 Setup / $5 per month:

If we host your domain and you want more than one domain to point to a single domain that would be pointing.
Parking is when you have a domain that points to our name servers but is not in use.

Web Site Domain Registration: $20 per year.

Want your own domain? "" FishersNet and SSDCN Inc. now offer domain registration.

Web Site Design : $75 per hour:

Our professional web site design focuses on presenting your information, product or services in a clear concise manner.

Shopping Cart Services : Commercial Account starts at $45 per month & includes:

(setup fees start at $250, call us for a quote)

1 Email account
$5 for each additional Email account
Business Web Page
1 Business Information Form
50 Items in your Catalog
additional items pricing varies

For information on the above services call (661) 835-8254, email,  or use our Online Service Request